Name: Lauren McAbee

 Training: Creator of CHAKTI Yoga and owner of Essential Thrive

 The Space Schedule:CHAKTI Yoga – Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:30p and Saturday 10-11a

CHAKTI is not your traditional yoga class. The music is turned up, you may not always hear the cues, no worries - simply follow along. You will freely dance and move your body in ways that you may not have before. And that's a beautiful thing.

 Personal message: “Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel…. I want to change that!” --Lauren

As the creator of CHAKTI Yoga and owner of Essential Thrive, a company that promotes wellness from every angle of life – doTERRA essential oils, wellness retreats and workshops – Lauren’s passion is to help other people achieve optimal health through a wellness approach that encompasses the mind, body & spirit. You can find Lauren teaching classes and leading workshops at various locations throughout Charlotte.

 CHAKTI Yoga is a wild and free practice. There is no judgment. During class, we amplify each other! If you are feeling weak or tired allow the group to carry and support you. Honor where you are and know we all live very different lives so we will all look different as we practice. Love & Gratitude.