Name: Kayla Frank

 Training: 200 RYT Noda Yoga

The Space Schedule:

Wednesday 12:15pm-1:00pm 45 minute slow flow + meditate

Together we will move slowly through heart and hip openers before we make our way into a  guided meditation. Our meditation will be both guided and silent. The intention of this practice is to create space through intentional movement and close practice with a restorative meditation allowing participants to sink deeper into the space they have created, their hearts and true self.

 Personal message: “If I'm not practicing yoga or teaching classes, you can likely find me hiking with my husband, Curtis, cuddling my two dogs, working on a passion project, singing loudly to 90's music, sitting at my desk hammering away at marketing plans or business planning, or on a sunny day hanging in my eno-hammock with a book and coffee. I’m also a BIG fan of brunch!”

Kayla draws creativity from many aspects of life; from nature to busy streets, she is constantly observing and pulling in ideas for inspiration. Mostly, Kayla is inspired by physical activity that balances strength and mindful movement that evokes self-awareness. She believes in tapping into both mind and body and moving in ways that serve our body and promote higher feelings of love for ourselves. “We all look and feel differently, so we will all move differently too, and that is magical,” she explains.

 Kayla encourages everyone not just to “move” their bodies daily, but to adjust their lifestyles, hobbies and physical activities in a way that elevates their sense of pride for the beautiful, authentic life they are living. Mindful movement and practicing self-care have inspired many positive changes for Kayla and she hopes that by sharing these practices with you, you will choose to trust your heart and use these tools to cultivate personal growth in your everyday life. Find Kayla at