Name: Carianna Hebert

Training: RYT 200 hours Belle Vita Yoga, Professional Life Coach, Meditation Leader

The Space Schedule: Meditate x Move, Seasonal Mindfulness + Yin Yoga Workshops

Meditate x Move is a spiritual practice of mind, body and soul alignment designed to empower our relationship with self and intuition. Through guided meditation and mindful movement, this practice encourages us to detach from our daily automatics and reconnect to the inspiration and wisdom that lives within. To get out of our heads and back into living from our hearts. In movement and in stillness, we practice relating our movement, responses, and beliefs in a new light and access our essential nature. From this place of inner spirit and breath, we celebrate all that already is. Guided meditations are written and led by Carianna based intention, intuition, personal development, moon phases, and seasonal energetic principles.

Personal Message: 

'I believe that we are all limitless constellations in human form. that at our core we are radiant and powerful beyond measure and the joy is in the expansion. my wish for you is that you keep following the stardust. taking big leaps. empowering you dreams. and trusting the process [even when you cannot see through the darkness and uncertainty]. this gift of humanity is meant to be fully experienced, wildly explored, and freely loved. what if you knew how powerful and you already are? it's time we unleash our souls and own our worth. the magic awaits inside of us all, and the dots always line up in hindsight' - carianna

As the founder of Meditate x Muse, Carianna strives to create space for humans to discover their unique super powers and step into the life of their dreams. It is about self-discovery and the process of coming alive. Through the integration of meditation and coaching, we can massively shift our lives from fear and powerlessness to satisfaction, worth, and love. Carianna is passionate about making meditation fun, accessible and inspiring and offers daily guided meditations as well as monthly subscriptions. She is known for her etherial teaching style and stand for inner peace and possibility both in the studio and 1:1 coaching. Her favorite yoga classes to teach are yin yoga, meditation, and slow flow, and she is a strong believer in taking the conversations with have with ourselves on the mat out into the world - to meditate and muse our worlds to life from within! She also is an ambassador for Free People Movement and Sweatnet CLT, teaching pop-up events around Charlotte. Find Carianna on IG @cariannalynne.