Name: Caitlin Gieza

Training: RYT 200

The Space Schedule:

Monday + Wednesday 6:00am-7:00am Rise + Flow Vinyasa

A vinyasa flow class set to music, this yoga practice and flow is designed to accommodate all levels of practice, beginner to experienced. The time spent in class is focused on connecting the mind, body, and breath and is sequenced to help awaken the body, connect with self, and to set and embody your days intention. This time is yours to feel + flow.

Personal message:

I aim to help you align Hustle + Soul, Mind + Body, Fitness + Feeling.

Yes, we will sweat, we will flow, we will move, but we will also do so much more. We will connect back to our bodies, we will tap into our own inner strength, and we will develop a Mind Body connection that will stay with us when we leave our mats.

You will challenges to show up yourself, whatever that my look like on any given day. Your practice changes moment by moment, and so does your body, it’s not about what you did last class, or what you did on the other side. It’s about giving yourself time to give yourself to take care of yourself and to tune in. It’s about creating and holding space for yourself.