Name: Brittany Kowolski

 Training: 200 RYT 2016 Charlotte Yoga under Jaimis Huff and Jennifer Busco

The Space Schedule:

Wednesday 8:00pm-9:00pm Candlelit Slow Flow

This class combines elements of deep stretch and vinyasa, allowing for fluid movement and mindful breath in a non-heated room. Moving at a slower pace, allowing for more time to explore individual postures, create fundamentals and stability, and explore deeper sensations in the body. Over the course of 60 minutes you will move through a series of poses that gently engage and open all the major muscle groups. Setting the mood with candlelight and peaceful music, this class is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and open.

 Personal message: “I strongly believe that the practice of yoga has amazing benefits for every person, no matter the age or experience level. Because of that, I make sure classes are accessible to all levels, ages, and body types.”   --Brittany

Having been trained in both Power Vinyasa (or Hatha), and Deep Stretch styles of yoga, Brittany's classes can be described as a blend of intentional, powerful, muscle activating sequences with a focus on deep breath work and mindfully paced movements. Students can expect to move slightly slower than most fast paced vinyasa classes, and feel a connection to how breath and movement tie together.

Brittany began studying yoga shortly after graduating college. What started as an outlet to exercise and stretch, quickly turned to more of a lifestyle as Brittany discovered the mental benefits that the practice brings. Yoga has always been a place where Brittany finds peace and fulfillment, getting away from the hectic day-to-day activities that life can bring. It is her hope that through her teaching, she can offer that same sort of calming space to students of all levels. You can follow Brittany to find her class schedule.