The Space

What is it?

The Space welcomes teachers of all kinds to share their passion. As a collaborative yoga studio, we offer a beautiful, tranquil studio where the teacher decides the class type, price, and times. We empower creative entrepreneurs to build their own brands, practices, and following at an upfront, reasonable rental cost, with all the amenities included. You pay for space only when you’re using it.



The Space’s intention is to:

Empower women, creatives, and entrepreneurs

Feel like home and family

Foster openness, togetherness, and community

Always radiate good vibes


What is included?

The Space is a 960 square foot room, simply and elegantly designed that includes: 930 sq. ft. of usable floor; speakers; mirrored-wall; yoga mats, blocks, straps, and blankets; natural lighting; clean, industrial chic décor with open ceiling; a comfortable fit for 35-40 yoga mats



What can The Space be used for?


Yoga classes


Pop-up classes


Private yoga classes


Instructional classes

Photo studio

Pilates classes


One-on-one classes

Photo shoots


Dance classes


Mindfulness classes

Video production

Teacher training


Wellness Circles

Keep dreaming



Tai Chi

The sky’s the limit

The Space was designed for fitness and wellness related classes and events.
Want to use it for something different? We’d love to have you, but please
contact us first so we can make sure it’s a good fit.